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February 21, 2018


Too Much Junk in the Trunk? Try the new Azure Serverless Computing Diet!


Florida State University - Tallahassee, FL USA


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Are you burdened by the weight of years of legacy code and functionality? Can’t make it ALL the way over to your desk to set up those unit tests on every function of the system? Well, shed that extra weight by making the switch to the all-new Server-less computing Diet! This new fad is taking the world by storm. It’s helping sites slim down and pushing up performance through the roof! In this session, Microsoft Azure MVP Bryan Soltis will introduce you to Azure Functions and Logic Apps for your applications. These nuggets of awesomeness are great at reducing overhead, improving performance, and trimming down your extra-wide software. Learn how to offload functionality to Azure, simplify your applications, and doggonit, just feel GOOD about yourself! 

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