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Thanks for coming by. This is the home page for my technical work in the Azure, .NET, and Microsoft communities. You can check out my latest blogs, see my community resume for the Azure community, and find out how to contact me. I'll keep building it the content as I get time, so check back often to see what's new. Enjoy!

Speaking Engagements

Jul 2019

I, for one, Welcome our Azure Automation Overlords!

Location: Code on the Beach - Jacksonville, FL USA
Topics: Azure

Jul 2019

Azure DevOps 101 - A simple DevOps pipeline

Location: Microsoft Ready - Las Vegas, NV USA
Topics: Azure,Development

May 2019

I, for one, welcome our new Azure Automation overlords!

Location: DotNETSouth - Atlanta, GA USA
Topics: Azure

Apr 2019

I, for one, welcome our new Azure Automation overlords!

Location: Troy University - Troy, AL USA
Topics: Azure

Nov 2018

Embracing Kentico Cloud's new development approach

Location: Houston, TX USA
Topics: Kentico


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Feb 2021

Managing ADX Data with .NET Core and Azure B2C

Azure Data Explorer (or ADX to those in the fan club), is a very powerful and scalable data solution for analytics and timeseries data. Capable of handling more records than you...
Tags: .net azure

Feb 2021

Calling an API in Power Apps Portals using JavaScript

As a developer, Power Apps are a very interesting, yet nostalgic, concept. The platform reminds me of a lot of “game changing and exciting” systems of the past that allowed users...
Tags: javascript other power apps

Nov 2020

How to Post a File to an Azure Function in 3 Minutes

Azure Functions are the best part of Azure (There, I said it!). With them, you can offload processing, unify application design, centralize functionality, and just do cool stuff...
Tags: .net azure

Aug 2020

Importing an OpenAPI API into Azure API Management Service

Creating an API is a pretty standard ask of any developer. You have some functionality that you need to make available, so you create an interface to expose it. You let the...
Tags: azure

Jun 2020

Working with Azure Storage Blobs with a Java Azure Function

If you’ve spent much time around me, you know that I’m a huge fan of Azure Functions. Being able to code stand-alone, serverless functions to handle tasks is an extremely powerful...
Tags: azure java