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Thanks for coming by. I'm Bryan Soltis and this is the home page for my technical work in the Azure, .NET, and Microsoft communities. I currently work as a Cloud Solution Architect for Microsoft Germany. You can check out my latest blogs, see my community resume for the Azure community, and find out how to contact me. I'll keep building it the content as I get time, so check back often to see what's new. Enjoy!

Speaking Engagements

Oct 2021

Stop banging together rocks and manage your APIs with Azure APIM

Location: Atlanta Code Camp - Atlanta, GA USA
Topics: Azure

Jul 2019

I, for one, Welcome our Azure Automation Overlords!

Location: Code on the Beach - Jacksonville, FL USA
Topics: Azure

Jul 2019

Azure DevOps 101 - A simple DevOps pipeline

Location: Microsoft Ready - Las Vegas, NV USA
Topics: Azure,Development

May 2019

I, for one, welcome our new Azure Automation overlords!

Location: DotNETSouth - Atlanta, GA USA
Topics: Azure

Apr 2019

I, for one, welcome our new Azure Automation overlords!

Location: Troy University - Troy, AL USA
Topics: Azure


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Mar 2022

Creating a fully automated CICD Pipeline with GitHub, Azure Container Registry and Azure App Services

Over the years, I’ve worked with a lot of companies on implementing DevOps in their software development lifecycle. They want to have a defined, fool-proof process that allows them...
Tags: .net azure devops

Sep 2021

Deploying an image from Azure Container Registry with Azure Logic Apps

When it comes to Automation, Azure Logic Apps are pretty awesome. With just a few clicks, developers can create elaborate workflows to integrate their systems and applications. And...
Tags: azure

May 2021

Automating Azure DevOps Updates With Azure Functions

When companies decide they want to get on the Azure DevOps Express, it’s usually an all or nothing experience. Sure, it might take them a little while to transition everything (and...
Tags: azure devops

Apr 2021

Deploying an Azure APIM Self-Hosted Gateway

When working with APIs, how traffic is routed is a REALLY important topic. Whether it’s for security, latency optimization, performance improvements, or admins are just into that...
Tags: azure

Mar 2021

Calling a Helper API in an Azure APIM Inbound Policy

Azure API Management is quickly becoming one of my favorite parts of the Azure platform. From SOAP (shudder) to REST APIs, developers can quickly register and secure their existing...
Tags: azure