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Thanks for coming by. I'm Bryan Soltis and this is the home page for my technical work in the Azure, .NET, and Microsoft communities. I currently work as a Senior Program Manager for the MVP Program at Microsoft. You can check out my latest blogs, see my community resume for the Azure community, and find out how to contact me. I'll keep building the content as I get time, so check back often to see what's new. Enjoy!

Speaking Engagements

Sep 2023

Do more with GitHub and Azure Logic Apps

Location: Atlanta Developers' Conference 2023 - Kennesaw, GA USA
Topics: Azure,DevOps

May 2023

Why you and the Azure Naming Tool should get an apartment together

Location: West Michigan Azure User Group - Grand Rapids, MI USA
Topics: Azure,General,.NET,Development

Nov 2022

Using Artificial Intelligence services and Azure Logic Apps to automate Kontent.ai workflows

Location: Kontent.ai User Group - Melbourne, Australia
Topics: Azure,Kontent.ai

Sep 2022

2022-09-17 Atl Dev Con - Why you need to use Azure API Management to manage your APIs

Location: Atlanta Developer Conference - Marietta, GA USA
Topics: Azure,Development

Jul 2022

Azure Logic Apps can do WAY more than you think!

Location: Code on the Beach - Jacksonville Beach, FL USA
Topics: Azure,Development


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Jul 2023

Azure Naming Tool - Identity Provider Integration Deep Dive

Since its launch, the Azure Naming Tool has provided administrators with a simple, easy-to-use solution for creating and managing their Azure naming conventions, using a single...
Tags: azure

Jun 2023

Monitoring GitHub Actions with Azure Logic Apps

If you’re using GitHub, then you most certainly have heard about GitHub Actions. From simple “build and deploy” workflows to elaborate multi-project collaborations, Actions are the...
Tags: azure github

Jan 2023

Using Azure APIM with an Azure AD-Protected App Service

Let’s say you’re hosting your API in Azure App Services. You have an awesome CI/CD process to deploy changes and the site scales perfectly. (So far so good!) You need to control...
Tags: azure

Dec 2022

Deep Diving into the Azure Naming Tool

The Azure Naming Tool is the evolution of a solution to a common problem when working with Azure. For anyone managing Azure resources, naming is key to understanding what a service...
Tags: .net azure

Aug 2022

Say Hello to the Azure Naming Tool!

Are you struggling to manage your Azure resources? When you view your account is it a sea of mismatched names and formats? Well, lucky for you, a brand-new utility has just been...
Tags: azure other