2 Decades of Web Forms. Now, I’m Learning MVC.
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Date: Nov 28, 2018
Tags: .net other
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NOTE: Technology changes fast, so some of the images and/or code in this article maybe be out of date. Feel free to leave a comment if you notice something that needs updating.

This is a true story.

For starters, I’m not an MVC expert.

This isn’t a blog with all the answers someone transitioning to MVC is looking for.

I, like you, have searched the interwebs for such a publication, only to find that everything is pretty much task-oriented, focused on migrating a specific site or function to MVC. I found many blogs about why MVC is better, all the amazing benefits it brings to developers and marketers a like, and why Web Forms should(?) be buried deep in the ground, never to be seen again. 

What I really wanted to find was someone who knew Web Forms and was starting to work with MVC. I wanted to know their process, challenges, and thoughts on the framework and how easily their skills related. So, I’m making an article from my point of view. A well-seasoned Web Forms developer who’s been thrust into the world of MVC. Sure, I’ve developed lots of sites using .NET. Over 19 years’ worth, actually. But that was using Web Forms, which is officially the newest inhabitant of the Island of Misfit toys. While I created many (self-proclaimed) awesome solutions with Microsoft’s legacy framework, MVC was never in the mix.

Until you’re the technical evangelist for a content management system that declares MVC as their primary focus. And then the fun begins.

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