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Jul 2018

Analyzing Kentico Media Files with the Azure Cognitive Vision API

Editors have a lot to do. From crafting perfect content to managing campaigns, they are often overwhelmed with tasks needed to manage an application. With more and more...
Tags: "custom module" ai azure

Jun 2018

Transforming URLs with Kentico EMS

When it comes to the web, SEO is everything. If people can’t find your content, then you’re pretty much wasting your time. Making sure your URLs are properly...
Tags: "custom module" seo urls

Apr 2018

Adding Real-Time FedEx Shipping Rates to Kentico 11

If you have an e-commerce store, chances are you ship things to your customers. This means a lot of orders and a lot of calculations. One of the biggest ways to get more sales...
Tags: "custom module" "shipping options" "shipping provider" ecommerce

Apr 2017

Displaying Azure Database Statistics in Kentico

When deploying Kentico to Azure, one of the biggest questions that comes up is what size database to use. While we publish some recommendations in our documentation, your...
Tags: "azure database" "custom module" azure database

Feb 2017

Adding a Google PageSpeed Utility to Kentico

Every website should be designed to load and display information quickly. Regardless of the form factor, the content should be designed to be presented quickly and, of course...
Tags: "custom module" google pagespeed performance

Nov 2016

Displaying Feedback Within Your Kentico Modules

Developing custom modules is a key part to many Kentico projects. Whether it’s integrating with a backend system or extending the capabilities of the platform, developers...
Tags: "custom module" messaging

Sep 2016

Adding the Kentico Draft Import Module to Kentico

Kentico Draft is a cloud-based service that gives companies a single location for web content production. Powered by a robust API and sleek interface, the service gives you the...
Tags: "custom module" "importing data" draft

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