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Jul 2018

Analyzing Kentico Media Files with the Azure Cognitive Vision API

Editors have a lot to do. From crafting perfect content to managing campaigns, they are often overwhelmed with tasks needed to manage an application. With more and more...
Tags: "custom module" ai azure

Jan 2018

Creating a Most Popular Pages Email Widget in Kentico

Best of breed solutions often offer two things: great functionality and an easy-to-user interface. When it comes to email marketing, providing users a simple, guided experience...
Tags: "email builder" "email campaigns" k# macros

Nov 2017

Integrating Custom Claims-Based Authentication with Kentico

When it comes to security and authentication, there’s no shortage of customization that developers will need to implement. On-premise and cloud-hosted AD servers, ...
Tags: "claims-based authenticati" "global event handler" authentication

Aug 2017

Personalizing a Page-Based Email in Kentico

Email marketing is a staple of any digital marketing effort. Allowing companies to target their audience with relevant, personalized information is a surefire way to generate...
Tags: "custom macro" emails personalization

May 2017

Powering Alexa with Kentico Cloud

Websites. Mobile apps. Smartwatches. Wearables.  Digital assistants. How you deliver content is limitless, with so many options for how people consume and leverage...
Tags: "azure functions" "kentico cloud" ai alexa api integration

Mar 2017

Creating an Outdated Content Notification Task in Kentico

Having expired content on your site is the quickest way to kill traffic and interest. If users don’t see regular updates to your content, they’ll lose interest and...
Tags: "scheduled tasks" automation content email

Mar 2017

Adding Application Insights to a .NET Core Site in Azure

Once you select Azure as your hosting platform, a vast world of resources becomes available. From CDNs to Load Balancers, Microsoft’s cloud has loads of great services to...
Tags: ".net core" "applicaiton insights" azure performance

Feb 2017

Using the Kentico Power BI Reports

Every feature added to Kentico is designed to improve users’ experiences with the platform. Whether they are developers or marketers, everyone’s time is valuable and...
Tags: "email campaigns" "power bi" reports

Nov 2016

Quick Tip: Changing How Emails Are Validated in Kentico

Kentico has a lot of great capabilities out of the box for validating data submitted by users. For many companies, these default settings and configurations are just fine for...
Tags: email keys web.config

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