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Jan 2018

Creating a Most Popular Pages Email Widget in Kentico

Best of breed solutions often offer two things: great functionality and an easy-to-user interface. When it comes to email marketing, providing users a simple, guided experience...
Tags: "email builder" "email campaigns" k# macros

Dec 2017

Understanding Macro Identities in Kentico 11

Macros have long been a friend to any Kentico developer. Whether it’s one of many built-in methods or a custom one, these little code blocks can be powerhouses when it...
Tags: "kentico 11" "macro expression" macros security

Jun 2017

5 Tips for Debugging Kentico

For a .NET developer, working with Kentico is usually a straight-forward process. Thanks to extensive documentation, dedicated support, and loads of blog posts from the...
Tags: "event log" debugging macros

May 2017

Quick Tip: Retrieving fields for any class in Kentico

Have you ever needed to get all the fields for a page type in Kentico? Maybe you needed to know the list of fields that make up a class in a custom...
Tags: "page type fields" "quick tip" macros

Oct 2016

Working with Forms in Kentico Marketing Automation – Part 2

In Part 1 of this series, I demonstrated how to create a form and implement a basic Marketing Automation process to handle when users submit their data. In this follow-up...
Tags: "marketing automation" forms macros

Oct 2016

Working with Forms in Kentico Marketing Automation—Part 1

Marketing Automation is one of the most powerful features of Kentico. By defining and configuring the process to execute automatically, you can simplify the marketing processes...
Tags: "marketing automation" forms macros

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