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Feb 2018

Digging into the Kentico EMS Azure Search Integration

Every version of Kentico is packed full of amazing features and updates. With Kentico 11, one of the biggest advancements was our built-in integration with Azure Search. In this...
Tags: "azure search" "kentico 11" azure integration

Dec 2017

Understanding Macro Identities in Kentico 11

Macros have long been a friend to any Kentico developer. Whether it’s one of many built-in methods or a custom one, these little code blocks can be powerhouses when it...
Tags: "kentico 11" "macro expression" macros security

Nov 2017

Improving Search in Kentico 11 with Azure Search

Everyone’s been to a site with truly awful search. You have an idea of what you are looking for, but no clue as to where to start. You click on the Search link and are...
Tags: "azure search" "faceted search" "kentico 11" azure search

Sep 2017

5 Things You’re Going to Love in Kentico 11

Everyone loves looking at their phone and seeing an app update waiting for them. Maybe it’s a new feature or capability, or just a slick new UI, and that magic little icon...
Tags: "kentico 11" developers features

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