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Nov 2017

Using the New Kentico Cloud Content Management API

As the headless CMS approach becomes more and more common, the implementations become increasingly complex. When a project is new, things are much great! When dealing with an...
Tags: "content management" "kentico cloud" api integration migration

Nov 2017

3 New Kentico Cloud Features Developers Are Going to Love

With Kentico Cloud being a SaaS (Software as a Service), our development team is constantly improving the product. By controlling the environment, we can push out improvements...
Tags: "kentico cloud" api features

Jul 2017

Working with Localization in Kentico Cloud

When developing for a global audience, you have to think multi-lingual. Presenting content in native languages helps you connect with your audience and provide them information...
Tags: "kentico cloud" api localization

Jun 2017

Getting to Know the Kentico Cloud .NET SDK Delivery API Filters

Once you get started developing with Kentico Cloud, you’ll quickly realize the power of the platform is its accessibility. By leveraging industry-standard services to...
Tags: "kentico cloud" api filter

Jun 2017

Understanding the ScriptHelper API in Kentico

Unless you’re sticking to your web design skills from 1998, you mostly are incorporating some sort of front-end framework into your...
Tags: api bootstrap jquery scripthelper tips

May 2017

Powering Alexa with Kentico Cloud

Websites. Mobile apps. Smartwatches. Wearables.  Digital assistants. How you deliver content is limitless, with so many options for how people consume and leverage...
Tags: "azure functions" "kentico cloud" ai alexa api integration

Sep 2016

Quick Tip: The Kentico NuGet Packages

The toughest part of any software company is getting people to use your code, your product, or your platform. That’s why so many companies rely on distribution methods...
Tags: api nuget

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