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Jul 2018

Hosting the Kentico Cloud .NET Boilerplate on a Raspberry Pi with Docker

Who doesn’t love flexibility? From programming to juggling chainsaws, the ability to adapt to any situation is always a welcome capability. With new devices and platforms...
Tags: ".net core" "kentico cloud" boilerplate docker

May 2018

Translating Content with Kentico Cloud and Azure

Automation can go a long way in making a developer's life easier. When it comes to content, the less to deal with, the better! Let me show you how to automate translation...
Tags: "azure functions" "azure logic apps" "kentico cloud" automation azure translation

Mar 2018

Building a Kentico News Android app with the Kentico Cloud Delivery JavaRX SDK

Our Community team is hard at work, producing new SDKs for Kentico Cloud for all types of platforms. From frontend to backend, web to mobile, there are countless frameworks we&...
Tags: "kentico cloud" "mobile app" android sdk

Feb 2018

Say Hello to the New Kentico Cloud SDKs

When you build your applications with microservices, integration is the key. The ability to connect systems and move information easily is essential to architecting and...
Tags: "kentico cloud" android nodejs php sdk

Jan 2018

What Omnichannel Means to Developers

&ldquo;We need to start thinking about OMNICHANNEL for our content.&rdquo;</p...
Tags: "kentico cloud" developers omnichannel

Dec 2017

Creating Content Releases in Kentico Cloud

Content editors have a lot do. From managing web content to social media, they are tasked with curating and publishing all sorts of data to many locations. With so much activity...
Tags: "azure functions" "azure logic apps" "kentico cloud" azure content

Dec 2017

Automating Your Kentico Cloud Content with Azure Logic Apps

The world is becoming more automated. From cars to coffee makers, systems are becoming more dynamic as developers leverage integrations between applications and platforms. When...
Tags: "azure funcitons" "azure logic apps" "kentico cloud" azure twitter

Nov 2017

Using the New Kentico Cloud Content Management API

As the headless CMS approach becomes more and more common, the implementations become increasingly complex. When a project is new, things are much great! When dealing with an...
Tags: "content management" "kentico cloud" api integration migration

Nov 2017

3 New Kentico Cloud Features Developers Are Going to Love

With Kentico Cloud being a SaaS (Software as a Service), our development team is constantly improving the product. By controlling the environment, we can push out improvements...
Tags: "kentico cloud" api features

Oct 2017

5 Questions Digital Agencies Might Get about Kentico EMS and Kentico Cloud

As the Headless CMS concept comes more prevalent in technology, so do the questions from the clients. On top of selling their services and skill, agencies often must educate...
Tags: "kentico cloud" questions tips

Oct 2017

Using Slack Webhooks with Kentico Cloud

Kentico Cloud&rsquo;s webhook support is a great tool for developers to use within their applications. By configuring this feature, you can easily automate processes and...
Tags: "kentico cloud" slack webhooks

Sep 2017

Kentico Cloud is in the Marketplace

All the best features in the world don&rsquo;t mean a thing if people can&rsquo;t see your product. As a vendor, you always want to be in front of as many users as possible. You...
Tags: "azure marketplace" "kentico cloud" azure samples

Sep 2017

Kentico Cloud Tools for Developers

It&rsquo;s been nearly a year since Kentico Cloud was released and the Headless CMS concept is beginning to be a major player for developers. As more companies start to offer...
Tags: "kentico cloud" documentation samples tools

Aug 2017

Using an Azure Function Webhook with Kentico Cloud

Developers want to automate everything. Whether it&rsquo;s moving code or testing a function, enslaving a machine to do your dirty work is the best way to exert your authority...
Tags: "azure functions" "azure search" "kentico cloud" webhooks

Jul 2017

Creating a Kentico Cloud-Powered Xamarin App - Part 1

As a Headless CMS, Kentico Cloud is all about delivering content to any channel. Whether it&rsquo;s web, mobile, smartwatch, or carrier pigeon, companies need to edit their...
Tags: "kentico cloud" "mobile app" xamarin

Jul 2017

Working with Localization in Kentico Cloud

When developing for a global audience, you have to think multi-lingual. Presenting content in native languages helps you connect with your audience and provide them information...
Tags: "kentico cloud" api localization

Jun 2017

Getting started with the Kentico Cloud Sample JavaScript Site

One the best parts about a headless CMS like Kentico Cloud is the ability to develop in nearly any language. Whether it&rsquo;s a slick JavaScript library like Angular or React...
Tags: "kentico cloud" javascript sample

Jun 2017

Getting to Know the Kentico Cloud .NET SDK Delivery API Filters

Once you get started developing with Kentico Cloud, you&rsquo;ll quickly realize the power of the platform is its accessibility. By leveraging industry-standard services to...
Tags: "kentico cloud" api filter

Jun 2017

Creating the Kentico Cloud Showcase Site

Over the past few months the Kentico Roadshow has brought updates and technical information to cities around the world. If you attended any of these sessions, you got to hear...
Tags: "kentico cloud" boilerplate conference roadshow

May 2017

Powering Alexa with Kentico Cloud

Websites. Mobile apps. Smartwatches. Wearables.&nbsp; Digital assistants. How you deliver content is limitless, with so many options for how people consume and leverage...
Tags: "azure functions" "kentico cloud" ai alexa api integration

May 2017

Using Azure Functions to Integrate Azure Search with Kentico Cloud

For the past few years, I&rsquo;ve presented on Azure Search at several conferences and events. Microsoft&rsquo;s Software-As-A-Service search solution is a great way to add...
Tags: "azure functions" "azure search" "kentico cloud" azure search

Apr 2017

Building Applications Using Microservices and Azure – Part 2

Developing applications using microservices is a great way to increase functionality, without being solely dependent on a single solution. By using multiple systems and services...
Tags: "azure search" "kentico cloud" azure microservices

Apr 2017

5 Reasons to Use the Kentico Cloud Boilerplate Project

Innovative technology always presents a challenge for developers. Whether it&rsquo;s a new platform or language, starting from scratch can be a tough task, even for seasoned...
Tags: "kentico cloud" "open source" boilerplate github

Mar 2017

Developing Applications Using Microservices and Azure – Part 1

As more companies transition to a modular development model, integration with different services and platforms has become a common approach in many projects. By leveraging...
Tags: "kentico cloud" azure microservices

Feb 2017

Creating a ReactJS Site with Kentico Cloud

By now, you&rsquo;ve probably heard a lot about Kentico Cloud and how it presents a new way to develop your applications. One of the greatest benefits of the platform is how you...
Tags: "azure web apps" "kentico cloud" azure reactjs

Dec 2016

Building an MVC Site with Kentico Cloud – Part 3

In the previous blogs in this series, I showed you how to create a .NET Core MVC site and add content from Kentico Draft. I then showed you how to expand on the content types...
Tags: "kentico cloud" "kentico deliver" "kentico draft" "kentico engage" azure mvc

Dec 2016

Building an MVC site with Kentico Cloud – Part 2

In Part 1 of this blog series, I showed you how to create content types in...
Tags: "kentico cloud" "kentico deliver" "kentico draft" "kentico engage" mvc

Dec 2016

Building an MVC site with Kentico Cloud – Part 1

Kentico Cloud is a new headless CMS platform that you can use to build your applications. By leveraging an Azure-hosted content repository and APIs, you are free to develop...
Tags: "kentico cloud" "kentico deliver" "kentico draft" "kentico engage" mvc

Nov 2016

Kentico Cloud Labs at 404

Last week, Kentico hosted the first ever 404 Conference in Las Vegas. It was a great week filled with a ton of interesting topics and sessions. Along with the presentations...
Tags: "kentico cloud" "kentico deliver" "kentico engage" labs

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