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May 2018

Translating Content with Kentico Cloud and Azure

Automation can go a long way in making a developer's life easier. When it comes to content, the less to deal with, the better! Let me show you how to automate translation...
Tags: "azure functions" "azure logic apps" "kentico cloud" automation azure translation

Mar 2017

Creating an Outdated Content Notification Task in Kentico

Having expired content on your site is the quickest way to kill traffic and interest. If users don’t see regular updates to your content, they’ll lose interest and...
Tags: "scheduled tasks" automation content email

Oct 2016

Working with Forms in Kentico Marketing Automation – Part 2

In Part 1 of this series, I demonstrated how to create a form and implement a basic Marketing Automation process to handle when users submit their data. In this follow-up...
Tags: "marketing automation" forms macros

Oct 2016

Working with Forms in Kentico Marketing Automation—Part 1

Marketing Automation is one of the most powerful features of Kentico. By defining and configuring the process to execute automatically, you can simplify the marketing processes...
Tags: "marketing automation" forms macros

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